Christian Conservative Values 

As a strong Christian, I believe in the sanctity of life, and I will defend the rights of all life. My Christian faith guides me and my family in our daily lives. I believe it is important that our elected officials lean on their Christian beliefs to guide our decisions and actions.

Economic Development

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of economic development to our community. It is past time that the government got out of the way to allow businesses to operate without their overreach. I will fight against the unnecessary regulations and burdens that the government has placed upon us. I will strongly support lowering taxes and supporting our business community.

Accountability for

Our government is supposed to work for us. We need to increase accountability in government. I firmly believe that as your next Representative, I am accountable to you. I want to bring common sense, integrity, and honor back to the government, and I will work every day to uphold those values while in Montgomery serving you. I am committed to maintaining transparency with everything that occurs in Montgomery while I am representing District 4.

Defending Our 2nd Amendment Right

The Left has launched an all-out attack on our right to bear arms and our Constitution. I will stand proudly and strongly
against any measure considered to limit our 2nd Amendment right. I will NOT allow the Liberals to take away our right to protect our families and property.


Farmers provide the food and fiber that we all rely upon. As the son of a farmer and being raised on a farm, I understand the hard work that goes into producing for Alabama and our country. We need to protect our farmers, foresters, and cattlemen from governmental red tape and supply them with fair opportunities to thrive in the open marketplace.

Supporting Our Military & Veterans

We owe everything to our heroes that defend us and our freedoms. From active duty to our reservists to those that offer
services and equip our men and women and uniform, all of our military community needs a fierce advocate on their behalf. Our country is stronger when our military and intelligence communities are well-resourced and ready to defend and act at a moment's notice. Additionally, our veterans deserve to be treated like the heroes they are. We need to continue to improve the care and treatment for
our veterans.

Safer Communities

It is vital to have safe communities to raise our families. In
order to do so, we need to stop the flood of illegal immigrants, support law enforcement, and provide the resources and training needed to ensure our officers are best equipped to perform their jobs. I am committed to backing our
men and women in blue that risk their lives to protect us and our families.

Better Education

Our youth are our most precious resource. All children
deserve an opportunity to succeed. That means that we need to support our teachers and staff, keep radical political agendas out of our classrooms, and continually work to improve the quality of education in our schools. I am going to
work tirelessly to stop the Liberal agenda from brainwashing our youth. I also firmly believe that technical and skills training in schools is critical to our workforce and economic development.

Conservative Fighter

Email: info@votepatrickjohnson.com
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